Supporting your local communities can bring a whole host of benefits. Lending a helping hand can help you make new friends, learn new skills, advance your career and most importantly give something back to your local community. 1). Get involved as a volunteer . There are plenty of opportunities out there if you look out for them. If you are considering ways to get involved in community as a volunteer but have little time to spare,look out for flexible roles that can fit around your needs. You could try being a . • Mentor to young person • School governor … Continue reading SIX WAYS/TIPS TO HELP OUR LOCAL COMMUNITIES


Many people know –ICF as a small foundation based on young Philanthropists, but it is so much more than that. It’s members are passionate about serving the communities where they work , live and play. We help by giving our time, knowledge and available resources to support local individuals and we go past meeting our partners day-to-today needs. We work with them to create tangible,sustainable solutions that address societal problems. We are open to new potential individuals, groups, clubs and organisations to work with us for betterment of Ugandan. # community is made by me and you therefore working together … Continue reading WHO WE ARE?


REALISING THE CHILDREN’S RIGHTS IN UGANDA ESPECIALLY THE ORPHANS. War, famine,AIDS… In Uganda,there has been no end to these and other crisses that have proven disastrous for children, children’s rights this remain the object of an unrelenting assualt:the condition of their existence and survival precarious at best. Main problems; Poverty. More than a 1/3 of all inhabitants live below the poverty line and among these, children are primary victims,their families cannot ensure their health and well-being, particularly in the remote areas of the country where their parents and relatives are living in extreme poverty. Right to health. In Uganda mortality … Continue reading DID YOU KNOW CHILDREN’S RIGHTS ARE VIOLATED IN UGANDA ?

Back to school now.

We shall not sit and wait for self proclaimed change, we should be the change therefore let us not sit and watch the sick, abandoned, orphans and other oppressed ones continue in distress! Rise.. stand.. we restore their hopes together. Soon many pupils are going back to school but our orphans,abandoned and some others wish they could have support but still seems no hope.. would you please think about it? Would you wish to give a hand in any way? Look no further look at their bright future and do it for them. Fees, clothes,food , shelter and many more … Continue reading Back to school now.

Take care of this child(Exodus 2:9).

We have come to the end year 2018 and God has protected us through ups and downs of the year and we are still a live so let’s be thankful and embrace his work in the year 2019 by being his Imitators. The province of church of Uganda has announced year 2019 as the year of children there let’s be result oriented by taking care of children. Best wishes from our foundation management and hope lord our father gonna protect us always in whatever good plans we have. Continue reading Take care of this child(Exodus 2:9).