About us.

Israel Charity Foundation is a registered and recognized Charity organisation under Registration Number 80020001397587.

We are group of Young philanthropists who define meaning of life through our charity works at Israel charity foundation -ICF, we are love,we are proud,we are optimistic and we are caregivers.

Our charity works began by a small motivated group early 2017 but  we now thank everyone who participates in our different duties in different local communities and really grateful for the efforts towards the development.

About 80 participants take part in our activities at Israel charity foundation either directly or indirectly supporting in different ways with the guide and help of the 10 Active members ( including Executive members and directors).

We hope and believe that living for others brings a smile to thousands that’s why we tirelessly give the little we get to restore the lost hopes of many individuals in our local communities.

We can’t tell that there are no challenges but as we hope to combine efforts with our communities we shall get them resolved.


Improved, promoted and supported health and education especially of the orphans , disadvantaged and abandoned, youth empowerment, and sustainable goal oriented is our pride.

Mission ; To improve the healthcare,education and quality of life of people of Uganda through multimedia communications and behavior change initiatives and delivery of quality health products and to raise the next generations of Ugandan leaders by providing for the total development of the orphaned( motherless and fatherless) or abandoned children in Uganda including catering for their physical and emotional needs so that each child will become a responsible and productive citizen of Uganda.


Working for the betterment of future generations and having responsible and productive leaders of our nation.